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Staff Vacancies

Current Staff  Vacancies        

If you are interested, please click here to download an application form, complete and return to us. 


  • We need to add to our own list of relief staff who help cover staff holiday, sickness and training. This is a great role especially for students intending to work with children in the future, whether in childcare careers, teaching, pyschology or medecine.    


           In respect of any vacancies for  permanent positions that arise :

          40 hours per week ( 8 hours per day) on a revolving rota

           Trainees are expected to qualify to NVQ Level 3 standard and 

           are paid minimum wage for their age throughout, NOT apprentice wage.


All applicants should be reliable, enthusiastic and well presented.

Please check transport arrangements, cost and time before applying.

We're small and friendly, come and talk to us!