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Welcome to The Nursery at Wilmslow Prep

The Nursery at Wilmslow Prep Recommended on     new flierYou are very welcome to visit our owner- run little nursery .   

                                                                                                 Just call or e-mail to arrange !

                                                                          "Children are highly confident and engaged individuals. They enjoy

   their learning in this vibrant, interesting and challenging nursery...... Staff

   work closely with parents, who speak positively about the nursery and how

   well the staff meet the needs and interest of their children."  Ofsted February 2017

    Results of Parents Survey 2016

         Average happiness of children 94%,

           Are you happy with your child's progress and learning? 51.5% strongly agree, 48.5% agree

      Do our staff greet you well every day? Yes- 95.5%

                                                                                                          17.1.18 025     

                                                      Ofsted Registration Number: EY421376, Registration date: 17th January 2011